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Our Story

Hello! We are Ken and Cecilia Steup, owners of True Vine Ice Cream Shoppe. We have always been passionate about food, especially ice cream, and even had our first date at an ice cream shop. Ken discovered his love for working in a kitchen while working at a confectionery shop after high school and during his time in the military as a cook.

While Cecilia comes from a family of cooks and bakers and worked at Fresh Fields before it became Whole Foods. We attended Scoop School and Penn State University Ice Cream Short Course to learn about the manufacturing and business of ice cream. Our mission is to provide a unique and flavorful experience for our customers with exceptional customer service and a fun atmosphere for all.

Our Values

We are a veteran owned, family run business that values creating unique and high-quality products for our customers and their families. We keep the needs of our employees and customers at the core of our work, accomplishing what is most suitable for the business and best for them.

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